College apartment checklist

College apartment checklist

Those college bound apartment seekers need a checklist with the apartment features most fitting for university students. You'll make the grade with this checklist for a college apartment.

College apartment checklist

Your first college apartment
Your rental history In lieu of an apartment rental history, ask your potential landlord they could use a history of other items you've rented (storage units, cars or whatever). This offer could sway their opinion!
Check your credit You're credit is about to be checked. Landlords don't expect a lengthy credit history, but having a bad credit report can tank your application. So check your credit!
Convenient to campus College kids will travel between campus and apartment many times per day. Make sure the apartment is convenient by walking, biking, driving, campus bus or whatever your preferred method of travel.
College apartment leases Check to see if a landlord provides a 'college lease' covering only the time of the school year, typically 9 months. Consider this a money saver if they do!
College apartments with roommates
Roommate leases If having a roommate, check to see if a landlord offers a lease for roommates.
Find a roommate For those needing a roommate, check in your student union (or similar) for a roommate board or any of the online roommate services.
More college necessities
Get a good sofa Consider a good couch or sofa a necessity! A couch makes a great dining area, study area or an extra bed.
Cheap and sturdy furniture College furniture is sure to get plenty of abuse and have little to no resale value. Consider cheap and sturdy furniture!
Study areas You'll need quiet areas for studying. This need not be in your apartment unit, but could also be in any of your apartment's common areas.

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