Moving address change checklist

Moving address change checklist

Here's a list of people, businesses and organizations who will need to know you've moved to a new location. You're not done relocating until these know your new location!

Moving address change checklist

Changing addresses is made easy when you know who needs your updated info!

The Essentials
The post office Request a 'change of address' form at a USPS post office.
Friends and family
Financial Institutions
Banks and credit unions
Credit card companies (including department store credit cards)
Lenders (mortgage, home equity, auto, student loan)
Insurance companies (health, renters, auto, home, medical, dental, disability, life)
Retirement (pension plans, 401K, retirement accounts, Social Security, Veterans Affairs)
Investments (investment agencies and brokers)
Online bill payer
Phone services (cellular, land line and pager)
Heating Oils (gas, oil, propane or other fuels)
Water (water delivery, water treatment)
Waste Disposal
Internet (land line, wi-fi and satellite)
Television (cable or satellite TV)
Government Offices
U.S. Post Office (request a 'change of address' form the USPS post office)
Department of Motor Vehicles Obtain your driver's license and change your vehicle registration.
Passport Office
Veteran Affairs
Unemployment Office (if you are currently receiving unemployment benefits)
Employer typically notify the Human Resources department
Update your marketing materials (business cards, websites, resumes)
Employment agencies (temp agencies and recruiters)
Professional Memberships (icensing and certification boards)
Physcians (doctors, doctor offices, hospitals)
Other medical professionals (dentists, optometrists)
Health insurers (HMOs, DMOs, agencies and brokers)
Medical alert
Service Providers
Housecleaning services
Delivery services
Childcare (daycare center, baby sitters)
Lawn care service
Veterinarian (including pet groomer and pet sitters)
Pool services
Auto insurers (insurance agencies and brokers)
Auto lenders (car dealership, bank or loan place)
Department of Motor Vehicles (changing your vehicle registration)
Membership clubs (AAA or similar)
Parking permits
Warranty (if a car warranty is still in place)
Toll pass (Fast Lane, EZ Pass)
House of worship (churches, synagogues, mosques)
Health clubs
Community groups (PTA, neighborhood associations, civic clubs)
Children's extracurricular activities (dance classes, music lessons, sport clubs)
Social clubs ()lf clubs, community centers
Magazines Hurry! The USPS will only forward magazine subscriptions for two months.
Movie subscriptions (Netflix, Blockbuster or other)
Book and music clubs
Mail order houses
Air Miles Rewards Program
Update personal websites
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