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Picking The Right Moving Checklist

For many people, moving to a new location with house hold items may be a complex task. Nevertheless, using the a household moving checklist is capable of simplifying any household moving process.

Residential Checklist

Using a residential moving checklist helps plan ahead eight weeks in advance, from comparing moving quotes to move date.

Commercial Checklist

A commercial moving checklist is very similar to a standard residential household checklist.

Packing a Personal Box

Come move day you’ll need to take a few items on your own, packing a personal box to take in your car is highly recommended.

Loading Large Items

Most movers like to load up large square items which will go into the truck 1st, boxes, large dressers, chest of drawers are great for stacking things up in the truck this way ll the loos items like bicycles, fishing rods and toys can be just piled up at the end of the truck and most likely end up being loaded off 1st right into the garage.

Parking & Elevators

Condo moves always require a little more planning then a house move, condo moves requires elevator reservation, parking spot for the moving truck for loading and unloading.

Security Deposit

Apartment complex require a security deposit prior to your move, damages to the complex or to the neighbors can happen so saving your self is great by simply buying an additional moving insurance policy to cover you and the movers from any damages that might take place during our move and after you unpack.

At the end of the day using the right moving checklist not only saves time but money, print yours out today free with no obligation.