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Picking The Best Moving Checklist


You might be moving down the street or thousands of miles away, but there’s countless things to do before the big day. Forgetting something is a natural fear as you collect all of your precious items and stow them away.

Moving Checklist

 Creating a moving checklist is a smart way to organize your move, but even your own list might have glaring omissions. As an alternative, consider the best moving checklist found online. These lists are made by the professionals, and you won’t forget anything as a result.


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Download or Print it Out

As you look for moving help & moving tips online, you’ll encounter countless lists. Some of these lists may be only available if you pay a fee. Look for a free moving checklist. Complimentary directories are just as detailed as paid alternatives. At this point, you’ll need to decide between a downloaded version or printable moving checklist. Both of these tools have their important uses. A single person may only need a downloaded list, whereas a family needs to share the printed type. Print the guidelines out with a color printer. Check off the tasks as you complete them. You may want to note a few additional chores on the list too.

A Simple Change of Address

Although you may be simply changing your address to a few miles away, this designation becomes a task of its own. Ideally, locate and use an address change checklist. There are often several columns of people or institutions to notify before the move. You’ll need to contact doctors, utilities, pet-licensing facilities and more. These notifications should be taken a handful at a time so that it’s not too overwhelming. In fact, you might divide the work out between different family members. After they complete one notification, they can mark that it’s complete on the checklist. Don’t forget those government agencies either, such as the IRS. You don’t want to miss any important mail from the state or federal level.

Apartment Moving Quotes

When you own or rent an apartment, there’s an entirely different form to follow for your moving guidelines. An apartment moving checklist is a great tool to have on hand, especially if you have roommates. The list can include where the movers will park and who takes over the utilities after the big day. Moving from an apartment can be more difficult than a single-family home because there’s usually leases involved and narrow stairwells. Take the apartment moving checklist and add any unique items to it that involve your move. In fact, you might want to divide out the tasks by weeks or days so that you can complete everything without fail. For many apartment dwellers, you might be single and performing most of these chores on your own.

Hiring Local Moving Companies

A local moving checklist is still a necessity when you’re a homeowner. You’ll need to set up and shut down utilities at two properties, deal with comparing local movers and complete the escrow process on time. A local move also has its challenges because you might be switching school districts. In these cases, you need to be on top of enrollment and registration processes. Your employer requires a notification, especially for paychecks that are mailed out. Without a checklist in your back pocket, it’s easy to completely forget about many important tasks that must be done.

Hiring Long Distance Moving Companies

A cross-country move is a feat that’s best organized with a checklist which will lead to hiring the best long distance moving company. You may need to organize the movers, hotels and meals as you transition between states or coastlines. Orchestrate a smooth transition by remembering to turn on the utilities just before you arrive. Entering the new home with electricity already flowing will keep your move running efficiently. You can even schedule the mover’s payment plan with this checklist. Offer them a certain percentage upfront with the remaining balance due upon arrival at the home. With all of this information in writing, you won’t forget to pay anyone. Your movers will appreciate this gesture.

A Renter’s Alternative

Renters have their own set of guidelines that they must follow. A renters moving checklist is perfectly designed for most transitions. You’ll need to schedule a walk-through appointment with your landlord. Before this day arrives, you’ll want to secure an appointment with several cleaning companies to enhance the carpet or paint the walls. You want your security deposit back, all that’s possible with a checklist helping you out. The guidelines also help you move into the new place, such as picking a day to secure the keys with learning the alarm code.

Many of these checklists come with an estimate offered by a moving professional. Take advantage of these free moving quotes, read our tips because you’ll only benefit with complimentary advice for a better transition experience. Moving companies are dedicated to your comfort as they pack up those items and haul them to your dream home.