Moving Companies – Calculate The Cost To Move

The right preparation for an upcoming move will increases your chances of having a great or at least a good experience with your moving company.
Moving Companies Cost Calculator

Long Distance Furniture Moving

Choosing the best moving quote from a list of licensed and insured moving companies is a great way to start with your planning.

Cross Country Moving Services

Using a large moving company can increase your chances of getting your furniture delivered fast on state to state shipping.

Nearby Moving Companies

Moving only a few blocks down? make sure your moving company is local to save on travel time fees.

Cross Country Moving Quotes

Moving cross country is pretty expensive, Compare at least 4-5 moving quotes also ask for a visual estimate.
Cross Country Moving Prices

Knowing Who Your Movers Are

Doing a little research on who your movers are never hurts, Check for a good BBB record, recommendations and reviews.

Packing Services

When talking to a potential moving company keep in mind to ask about packing and unpacking services, Not every moving company will take their time to take your bed apart and put it back together at the new location.

Well Maintained Moving Trucks

Don’t be shy and ask your moving company how many trucks do they have, how old or new their trucks are and ask for the latest insurance policy.

Picking The Right Size Moving Truck

One to four bedrooms moves can be handled by a 24 foot or a 26 foot moving truck when moving in town.

Moving With An 18 Wheeler

The reasons why most movers and major vanlines use a large 18 wheeler for cross country moves is the size of the 50 or 53 foot trailer 1st of all and the smooth air ride that’s great for transporting household items with out getting damages.

Moving Company Cost Calculator

Instead of calling around all day for quotes to compare use our moving cost calculator.