Moving Checklist pdf Residential & Commercial Use

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Moving Checklist PDF

 Moving Checklist PDF

8 Weeks Before Your Move

Start comparing Free Moving Quotes from

Set a budget for moving expenses.

Buy a small binder from your local office supplies store and create a “Moving File” to keep track of quotes, receipts and other important documents.

7 Weeks Before Your Move

If you have kids and pets start arranging school records and veterinarian records transferred.

Call your insurance company to see what types of changes you need to make to your policy.

Contact your health insurance company to transfer your address.

6 Weeks Before Your Move

Start planning on how you’ll move your valuable items, like your computer, jewelry or expensive art.

Buy a pack of tack paper (sticky notepads) at your local office supplies store and start marking what Items/furniture you will take to your new home and what you plan on donating or discarding, We suggest you buy a RED & GREEN sticky note pads, Green will be Items that will be moved to the new home and RED will be staying.

5 Weeks Before Your Move

Order moving supplies online or ask the moving company that you hired for some free moving boxes, Most moving companies will give out some free moving boxes/supplies if you book a move with them.

Start packing items that you don’t use every day.

Start narrowing down your move date.

File a change of address with the United States Postal Service, Simply go to or visit your local post office.

4 Weeks Before Your Move

Book a moving company.

Notify by phone or online these utility services of your move, both at your old address and new address.

  • Cell Phone
  • Home Phone
  • Electric
  • Water
  • Cable/Satellite & Internet
  • Gas
  • Trash Collection
3 Weeks Before Your Move

Plan on how you’ll transport your plants, Some movers will not haul plants.

Get rid of flammables, poisons or any chemicals that most movers can’t haul.

If you are moving cross country and you plan on driving your own car make sure your car is serviced.

2 Weeks Before Your Move

Notify the following services/accounts of your upcoming move:

  • Bank
  • Credit Cards
  • Auto Finance
  • Pool Cleaner
  • Gardener
  • Snow Removal
  • Monthly Memberships (Books, newsletters, entertainment)
  • Store or Gas Charge Accounts
  • Pharmacy

Notify the following government agencies:

IRS State/Federal Tax Bureau

Social Security try online

State Vehicle Registration

Veterans Administration

City/County Tax Assessors

Confirm that you have reserved a parking spot, an elevator slot or special access for a moving truck.

1 Week Before Your Move

Confirm with your moving company that they have you booked on your desired date.

Notify your work place, family members and friends of your new address.

Pack a box that you plan on taking with you in your car, make sure the movers don’t load it up on the truck by a mistake.

If you have tools or machinery like a lawn mower make sure you drain out the gas.

Take your garden hoses with you.

Measure large furniture to make sure they will fit in your new.

Take out everything out of your refrigerator at least 24 hours before the movers arrive.

Pack up any special medicine you might need during your move.

Pile up all your boxes in the living room or in a spare room.

Empty out dresser drawers to avoid damage to the dresser.

Moving Day

Call your moving company as soon as you wake up to make sure the movers are on time.

Don’t throw away cold drinks, leave them for the movers.

Take all your personal items to your car before the movers arrive.

Make sure your new place is ready to move it and that you have a key.

Make sure you provide the mover your new home address

Enjoy your new home and don’e forget for your next move!

You may use your Moving Checklist PDF for residential or commercial moves, don’t forget to print out your Moving Checklist PDF and keep it with you before and after your move.