Household Furniture Moving Inventory Checklist

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Household Furniture Moving Inventory Checklist

Moving is one of the most stressful, non-emergency labors in life that we have to face. Before dealing with the fact that you are relocating to a new area surrounded by unfamiliarity, you have to figure out how you are going to move everything you own. How do you pack up your life, transit, and unpack in a way that doesn’t leave you a frazzled mess? How do you remember all the small details? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a blank moving checklist on hand to help you keep track?

 Moving Inventory Checklist

Customize a Household Furniture Moving Inventory

The Household Furniture Moving Inventory allows you to plan six weeks prior to moving day so that everything is scheduled and accomplished ahead of time. If you aren’t sure where to begin, Moving Checklist also provides a Moving Planner Checklist that highlights key steps you should be taking as you progress through planning your move. Why create extra stress when a little extra organization could make your move so much smoother? This checklist for moving will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed and allowing little things to slip your mind.

Create My Own Inventory Checklist

Moving provides the perfect opportunity to inventory your belongings and reconsider what you really need. A new home is a fresh slate. Study the pieces in each room, and decide if it is a necessary addition to your new location. If there is time, plan a yard sale, then donate the items that did not sell. 

Professional Moving Cost Calculator

Moving Checklist also provides free quotes from professional movers so you can consider all the options. Would it be most beneficial for you to rent a truck and drive your possessions yourself, or would hiring someone allow you to make better use of your time? It really depends on what kind of move you are doing.

Long Distance Moving

Are you moving across the country, or just across town? Moving Checklist provides information on local moves as well as long distance, and supply a separate moving checklist template for both. Moving your belongings down the block in a moving van is one thing, but transiting busy freeways on a week long cross country hike requires a whole new level of driving ability.