Moving Checklist Tips for a Cheap Move

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Moving Checklist Tips for a Cheap Move

Relocation is something that can put a considerable amount of pressure on you. Extensive preparation, critical adjustments of lifestyle and many expenses associated with moving can become remarkably stressful particularly if you don’t know the correct way of moving. One of the most sought after aspects by people who intend to move is cheap moving options. Under practical circumstances, facilitating a cheap moving is not the easiest task because of the unavoidable costs like transport, insurance and packing. However, with some advance preparation and following simple but effective tips, you can reduce a substantial amount from the overall moving task.

  • Pick the moving date smartly

By selecting the moving date smartly, you can save some substantial amount of money. Generally, moving during weekends and holidays are expensive (probably due to the heavy demand). However, if you plan your move during the middle of the week, you might be able to find affordable moving packages. They will be easy-to-find too; most of the moving trucks are vacant during the middle of the week.

  • Book your mover

After finalizing the moving date, you should consider planning the way you move. Are you going to move by yourself or hire a moving company? If you prefer to move by your own, you should hire a truck that facilitates cheap moving. If not, you should perform some search and select a cheap moving company based on the feedbacks provided by the customers. The safest way, however, is to entrust your belongings to a reputed mover who has a proper insurance coverage.

  • Prepare a checklist

Working with a checklist will make your moving process a very easy one. In fact, a methodical moving process can also add affordability to the process. Completing the tasks in an orderly manner will save your time and money. So, prepare a checklist and ensure that you work in an orderly manner.

  • Prepare your packaging

You should get ready with adequate amount of packaging. Have some sturdy boxes, wrapping, and tape etc. with you well in advance. If you want to go for a cheaper option, you can contact a malls or stores in your locale, and ask for cardboard cartons (and banana boxes). Use blankets, rugs and papers as padding materials to avoid friction and impact of fragile items. Always place heavy objects in smaller boxes and light objects on large boxes (for easy handling). Be sure that you have extra number of boxes to avoid last minute hassles.

  • Label the boxes

You should label all the boxes immediately after packing them. You don’t want to buy printed labels (particularly since you are concerned about the cost factor), you can use a marker pen to write on the boxes.

On the moving date, you should have some assistance with you to load the stuff (if you haven’t hired a moving company staff). Be sure that you move items carefully preventing damages to the goods and injuries to yourself.